Foot OL – OL: Textor wants to fire Aulas, the huge showdown – Olympique Lyonnais

While John Textor must buy OL, an imbroglio around several conditions could derail the sale of the Rhone club. The role of Jean-Michel Aulas is questioned.

Definitely, nothing is going well at OL. With the recent results crisis of Les Gones and a disappointing eighth place in the league after 12 contested days, a new twist seems to be emerging in Rhone lands. John Textor, owner of Botafogo, Crystal Palace and Racing de Molenbeek, was to be OL’s new owner. But this week, the sale of Lyon which was almost recorded, was again postponed to November 17. Initially, the deal was to be completed on September 30, then was postponed to October 21. The club’s takeover date has therefore been postponed once again, recognized for financial reasons concerning the commitment of Eagle Football, if we are to believe the OL press release. But according to information from the Daily Sport, the reason would be quite different.

The newspaper explains that the American billionaire who initially wanted to leave Jean-Michel Aulas as president of the club until 2025, could finally oust him as soon as he takes power. A hell of a change of course not planned at the start, and which would not be at all to the taste of the historic Rhone leader. President of the Rhone club since 1987, Aulas is, according to John Textor, no longer the man for the job. The film and music producer, who would also have problems obtaining the necessary funds for the takeover, could carry out a major cleaning within the club and only keep Laurent Blanc, who recently arrived in Lyon, as well as his technical staff.

Aulas does not digest this attempt

A method which does not pass for OL, and which does not wish to separate from Jean-Michel Aulas. The possibility of seeing this sale finally canceled is also plausible although it does not delight the Lyon management. The internal standoff between Aulas and Textor continues to find out which direction the club will take from November 17th. Against the backdrop of the threat that John Textor could, if he has full powers, quickly get rid of an Aulas who has seen his rating drop sharply in the eyes of the American. A pass of arms which could lead to the end of the negotiations, as OL and its shareholders reserved the right to do in the last press release.

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