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After weeks of dithering and doubts, John Textor finally seems set to take control of OL. Its financial package is about to be completed, allowing an increase in the capital of OL Groupe and perhaps new ambitions for the club.

Three months to accede to the throne in the capital of Gaul. Presented with great fanfare last June by Jean-Michel Aulas, John Textor was to become the new owner of OL. However, if in people’s minds it was already recorded, the administrative reality is quite different. The American businessman is slow to obtain the necessary funds to take possession of the Lyon club. In recent days, Textor has worked hard to finalize the operation before the deadline of September 30. He brought together relatives, investors and financiers, to complete the complex financial package that avoids traditional banks.

John Textor is 98% owner of OL

And, according to the regional daily Le Progrès, John Textor is on target. The operation will rely in particular on James Salter and Bill Foley via the company Eagle Football Holdings LLC. Added to these two men are Ares Credit Group by Mark Affolter. The latter company is already present in the capital of Atlético Madrid and it is known to be very powerful. According to a source familiar with the matter, the financial package is complete at ” 98% “.

The new investors will carry out an OL Groupe capital increase of 85,999,998 euros. They then have to deal with the club’s debt, estimated at 330 million euros last summer. The following objectives will be the financing of the Arena and then the sports component. The agreements just have to be communicated in time, before September 30, when the exclusive negotiations between OL and John Textor are over. The lights are therefore green to the great relaxation of Jean-Michel Aulas, John Textor and Lyon supporters. The operation could even take place on the evening of September 30, when the Stock Exchange will have closed its doors, as is customary.

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