Foot OL – OL sale: 400 million this week or Textor will be fired! – Olympique Lyonnais

OL Groupe announced on Monday that the deadline for selling the club to Eagle Football was now set for November 17. But Jean-Michel Aulas gave John Textor a week to provide answers.

Pathé, IDG Capital and Holnest, OL Groupe and Eagle Football have agreed on the setting of the new date for the completion of the operation on November 17, 2022 and the intermediate steps for the signature of the final debt financing documentation and in equity. It was a press release from Olympique Lyonnais published before the opening of the Paris stock exchange which confirmed that the sale had not materialized on Friday October 21 and that a new report was granted to John Textor, who had wanted to reassure Lyon supporters last week. However, a detail is not outlined in the document sent by OL Groupe, namely that Jean-Michel Aulas and the other sellers now had a right of termination. In other words, they could send John Textor back to his studies if the latter did not manage to finalize this takeover, while demanding compensation that we imagine colossal.

OL are starting to get annoyed with John Textor

Because it is obvious, and despite the proposals of the American billionaire, there is clearly a concern, this second report of the ” closing » being the sign of a great requirement on the part of OL Groupe in the face of the funds supposed to allow John Textor to buy the club. And if the date of November 17 is therefore official, Le Progrès affirms that the side of the offices of Olympique Lyonnais have set a much shorter deadline for the businessman. François Guttin-Lombard, the head of the sports department of the regional daily affirms that it is from this week that Jean-Michel Aulas attends answers to his questions. ” Clearly, either John Textor really shows his credentials, and in particular a written commitment proving the contribution to the investment company Ares Management supposed to bring 400 million euros in this file, or the shareholders denounce the agreement », warns the journalist, who specifies that if this were the case, then OL Groupe would be looking for a new buyer.

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