Foot Mondial 2022 – CdM: Iran fired, Italy and Ukraine want its place

Eliminated in the 2022 World Cup play-offs, Italy and Ukraine would see themselves recovering Iran’s place. The Persian country is accused of supplying weapons used by Russia, and of mistreating women.

Less than a month before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, FIFA is receiving astonishing complaints. Certain militants for the disqualification of Iran, starting with Italy, who evoke the treatment of women in the Persian country. A women’s rights group believes that Iran does not deserve to participate in the competition after the death of Mahsa Amini, a young Iranian woman arrested for not wearing the veil in public and died in hospital.

Italy’s last attempt

Once again the world awaits his action as a leader to exclude Iran from the World Cup “, a writing of the ambassador to the United Nations Paolo Zampolli, in a letter sent to the president of FIFA Gianni Infantino. Obviously, despite the defeat in the play-offs against North Macedonia (1-0), the idea would be to replace Iran with Italy… Except that the place is triggered by a second nation. This time, it is Shakhtar Donetsk and its boss Sergei Palkin who are asking to put Ukraine on the board instead of Iran, accused of supplying arms to Russia. ” Ukraine should be at the World Cup. Iran does not deserve its place! “, dropped the leader in a press release.

While Iranian leaders are having fun watching their national team play at the World Cup, Ukrainians will be killed by Iranian drones and Iranian missiles. (…) Shakhtar calls on FIFA and the entire international community to immediately ban the Iranian national team from playing in the World Cup because of the country’s direct involvement in the terrorist attacks against the Ukrainians. The vacant place should be taken by the national team of Ukraine, which has proven itself worthy of participating in the World Cup “Added Sergei Palkin, specifying that Ukraine, beaten in the play-offs by Wales (1-0), was evolving in a defined context. Not sure that FIFA agrees to think about it.

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