Flins-sur-Seine: concern in the park after the attack on a westie by a dog bigger than him

Loocky, a westie of almost 6 years old, before his attack in the park of Flins-sur-Seine (Yvelines).

A real carnage! Loocky, a little westie (West highland white terrier) of 8 kilos, a summer violently attacked on Thursday, July 28, 2022 in Jean-Boileau Park in Flins-sur-Seine by a dog three times his size.

An American Staffordshire Terrier (note: known for its powerful crossed jaw) according to Jean-Claude Bétès, 79, the owner of Loocky. A staffie (Staffordshire Bull Terrier), much smaller, according to the municipal police of Flins-sur-Seine.

“I thought he was going to die”

“My dog ​​was attacked in the throat, he has bites all over his body, details the owner of the victim. Following the attack, we had to remove his testicles. He is also injured in the anus. Today, he is recovering slowly but a reminder of the difficulty in eating. »

The facts would take place around 6:15 p.m.

The master of the big dog let him go and let it go. It lasted a good twenty minutes. I really thought Loocky was going to die.

Jean ClaudeThe owner of the attacked dog

A resident of Ecquevilly who succeeded there testifies to the violence of the attack. “It was impressive, he twisted it in all directions. It was impossible to get him off the hook. According to this park regular, this is not the first time that an event of this kind has occurred.

Two weeks ago, a 35-year-old lady took refuge in a tree with her son Jack Russell to protect herself from a pit bull. These dogs are not kept on a leash. As long as nothing happens, everything is fine. But sometimes there are outbursts of violence. Before, this did not exist.

A witness

Still traumatized, Jean-Claude Bétès also had to pay the bill. The visit to a veterinarian in Trappes has already cost him over 800 euro. It is therefore logical that he decided to file a complaint. “

It’s not the financial side that matters to me. I just want to prevent other dogs from getting eaten. I am waiting for a meeting with the mayor of Flins to discuss the problem.

Jean Claude

Contacted, the municipal police of Flins-sur-Seine explains that he has done what is necessary. “We were able to identify the owner of the Staffie. His dog is not category B, he does not have to be muzzled. There is no criminal offence. When it is an attack of a dog against another dog, it is a civil procedure which engages. It is now up to the insurance companies to interact with each other. We’re going to set up the biting dog procedure. »

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Not sure that this is enough to reassure Jean-Claude Bétès.

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