Flex office: what are the challenges of hybrid managers?

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For the past two years, companies have learned – willy-nilly – to become contortionists: avoid financial losses linked to the desertification of their workspaces due to the growing practice of telework and constantly adapt to (new) expectations. of their employees! Huge challenge, isn’t it?

“The pandemic has been a real catalyst for the telework phenomenon. This crisis situation that we have all gone through has caused many situations of response and isolation among employees. We have even been able to observe a phenomenon known as “cave difficulty”, namely the for some workers to return to the site after several months spent at home”, analyzes Sébastien Barthélémy, founder of FlexTeam.fr. Indeed, in 2022, almost 41%* of employees believe that teleworking is a source of isolation and 35% consider that it represents a loss of conviviality between colleagues…

Faced with these situations of suffering and the need to better combine professional and personal aspirations, companies have started to take an interest in Flex Office. Concretely, this designates the fact, for the employees, of going each morning to the workspaces which best correspond to the task or the mission that they have to carry out.

For companies, this is obviously a significant financial advantage: by allowing their employees to occupy unused positions, they naturally adapt their spaces to the workforce and thus significantly reduce their property costs. But that’s not all: “A flexible company benefits from attractiveness in terms of image and enables better recruitment and retention. This increases the quality of life at work! “, assures the startupper.

And the managers?

Managers are not left out in this new configuration! They must also learn to combine productivity challenges with their employees’ desire for freedom. This thus supposes departing from the image of the “old-fashioned” manager who managed by the presence and the time of presence”, notes Sébastien Barthélémy.

Computer equipment that optimizes the quality of exchanges

The other challenge: equipping your employees! “It is absolutely necessary to have quality equipment. This means a wide-angle camera, where everyone must be able to see each other, a microphone that allows lively exchanges, or even cameras that follow people talking. The objective must be simple: to ensure that, on site or remotely, you live the same experience! “. Could we see a perpetuation of this model over the next few years, as the 58% of employees* who telecommute already seem to think? “Yes, it is a global and powerful movement. Companies that are not going to embrace this change will have to suffer it, ”said Sébastien Barthélémy.

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*Harris Interactive survey for HP carried out via the Internet, from January 7 to 13, 2022, with a sample of 2,066 people representative of French people over the age of 18

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