Fitbit offers a totem animal to find restful sleep

In the series of upcoming novelties, Fitbit has just unveiled a new sleep profile feature for its premium members (its paid plan). The latter – inspired by the world of cartoons – will categorize users according to a totem animal according to the quality of their sleep! For this, the application will use ten sleep measurements – five of which are unpublished – over fourteen nights a month.

For Karla Gleichauf, senior researcher at Google (now owner of Fitbit), it wasrefine sleep measurements but in a less forbidding way! We were also taken in by fun things, like game design or Harry Potter quizzes about the house you found.

Among the animals chosen, in particular the dolphin (like James Park, co-founder of Fitbit) for people with a tendency to go to bed at variable times, fall asleep late and take lots of naps. If the last benefit from a rather good sleep, they must nevertheless find improvements (and a dolphin, it’s still cuter to tell you that your sleep habits are not terrible)!

Note that this feature seems similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 sleep coaching program, which assigns users one of eight sleep types – each associated with an animal. Samsung Then prompt users to start a program to improve sleep quality.

Note that to achieve this, a study was conducted with approximately 18,000 people using the profile to verify the measurement of the time before healthy sleep. This would have traced behaviors, perceptions and sleep habits in a few weeks. All of this served to refine the algorithm used by Fitbit.

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