Fine and confiscation of animals required against a tiger trainer tried for mistreatment

A fine of 5,000 euros and the confiscation of his ten seized tigers were issued Tuesday, September 20 against Mario Masson, a trainer tried before the Beauvais court in particular for suspicion of animal abuse, we informed the civil parties.

The ban on exercising a breeding activity for five years was also requested as well as the confiscation of the sums seized, 61,000 euros. The defendant, a former circus artist, was also tried for multiple violations of the Labor Code, benefit fraud and concealment of income. The decision is expected on November 15.

The tigers had been seized at the end of 2020 near Beauvais as part of a prosecution investigation opened after a complaint from the One Voice association for “facts of animal abuse“. She had been appointed to the French Office for Biodiversity. One Voice had “guarded” and “filmedthe tigers for several months, revealing the affair in a series of videos published on a dedicated site.

their birth, Since the 10 tigers, weighing nearly 300 kilos, remained locked together every day in their trailer cage, in a space which was limited to less than 2m2 each“, According to the Stéphane Lamart association, which also brought a civil action. “They only knew bitumen, bars and the whip (…) The tigers, solitary in nature and unable to tolerate promiscuity, lived a real hell“, she pointed out in a press release.

The president notably mentioned on Tuesday the narrowness of the cages of the tigers, as well as the lack of water for drinking or bathing. “My equipment has always been found to comply with the itinerant legislation“replied Mario Masson. As for the presence of expired meat intended for his animals, he explained that it was food about to be sorted at the time of the control of the gendarmes.

His lawyer, Olivier Roquain, raised the nullity of the procedure, denouncing “an investigation“, open, he regretted, “by deploying an illicit process» used by One Voice. “CDs containing more than 50 hours of videos will be used as essential elements for the investigation“, he lamented. He said he filed a complaint.for slanderous denunciation and invasion of privacy by technological means“. On the merits, he claimed that his client’s tigers were “his property, his babies“, it’s not “busy with attention” for years. The animals are currently placed in a dedicated refuge in the Loire.

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