Find out why cats like to sleep on people, here are the explanations

Sleeping on you is more important to your cat than you might think. Sleep is the most vulnerable state for a cat. And every day it’s the same… Bedtime comes, you lie down, and the moment you do, your cat snuggles up on your chest and purrs to sleep.

For many cats, their masters are their favorite bed. They use us as a pillow. This very touching gesture inevitably warms the heart.

There are good reasons for asking house cats to snuggle up to us when we are resting. Do you want to know them?

Find out why cats like to sleep on people

  • Because it seeks your warmth: the body temperature of cats being higher than ours, it is normal for your feline to seek warmer places and rooms in the house. This familiar smell can be comforting to cats who are particularly attached to their humans.
  • Because he loves you: for many cats, sleeping with their masters is very pleasant. Not only do they get warmth, comfort, and security, but it’s also a social behavior.
  • To Create Privileges: For your pet, this is the perfect opportunity to spend time with you and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.
  • FOR PROTECTION: Your cat’s instinct is to stay alert even when sleeping. This is why cats often choose narrow, dark and covered places to rest, because they feel safe. When you sleep, your cat understands that he is safe near you.
  • Because of your smell: your body odor is a delicious perfume for them, especially if you are a woman, because feminine beauty products have a distinctive smell.

There are many reasons to sleep with your cat, besides the fact that it will help relieve stress, improve your relationship, and allow you both to sleep happily and warmly.

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