FFF: new chilling testimonies concerning minors

Only a few days after revelations about dysfunctions within the FFF, Romain Molina has revealed new testimonies concerning a case of blackmail and sexual harassment of minors by the former president of the commission of referees of the Paris league- Ile de France, Daniel Galletti.

The FFF once again in turmoil.

Every day its scandal. Between the Pogba affair, the Hamraoui affair, the dysfunctions within the FFF for several decades, French football is clearly not in its best period.

A few days after his revelations about the heinous behavior of certain officials of the instance, Romain Molina put a coin back in the machine. Once again via the Josimar media, the journalist looked into the case of the former president of the commission of referees of the Paris-Ile de France league, Daniel Galetti.

The odious remarks of a former manager

He carefully chose the referees he could try to drag into his game. If you took the bait, he would start offering you stuff. As a referee, you want to referee great matches. For that, you need good grades. Galletti could provide us with good marks and recommendations to go higher. But it was under conditions revealed a witness, captured images of conversations in support, with Molina.

1000, I empty you , OK to help you if jerk or blowjob , you come to my house, you jerk off and you leave the messages sent, very insistent and moved, by the incriminating young referees, all minors, are quite explicit. He was honestly a poor guy. It was crazy. When we finished our match, he loved staying to see us in the shower. It was very awesome says another witness.

The FFF wanted to hush up the affair

To prevent these inappropriate actions from continuing, the FFF logically decided to dismiss, on July 12, his job … without however giving the reason. More troubling, the authority preferred to stifle the case without reporting justice. A breach of article 40 of the French criminal code which can be punished by three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros according to articles 434-1, 434-3 and 434-4.

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