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Hello Audrey,
Yes I do the same, but I don’t defeat them either by putting my valuables in their path.
To date, I had a chewed up pair of sunglasses, and a lot of socks 五 because I play sock with them, so it was me who reinforced this behavior, which exasperates more than one human, but I do it because it makes me happy and it makes them happy and it’s worth it: happiness for a sock 五五.
But I think that on your side you could give the behavior of tootsie without wanting it. She understood that she had your attention when she took an object. And she also understood that you attached more importance to certain objects.
Foster I remember at the beginning you shouldn’t garden in front of him, otherwise the next day it was undone 五五五 . I took the reflex since: when you pay particular attention to certain objects, so does your dog.
So when you make a find and you express your interest and your dog will come to see most of the time (if he doesn’t have a better find)
This aspect can be reciprocal “oh did you find something? Wow but that’s great! Can you show me?”

The tootsie is scared, she is not in communication with you, yet she tries to establish it but for now you only see “as you want it to be”. I think you are in conflict and disconnected from each other: communication must be reestablished. Once again it is not only a question of methods, we are talking about living beings endowed with sensitivity in which it has been scientifically proven that they are capable of possessing certain “primary” emotions.

My dogs are prone to do whatever I ask of them without raising my voice, when I need them to go into a room I point them in the direction, stand to the side of the door and in profile to them and I say the name of the room. Sometimes my partner does it except he gets in the way of the dog, so he physically says the opposite of what he says verbally. I tell him, he replaces himself and oh miracle, it works!
If they don’t want to, I take a few steps in the room (I show the example) then I come out and close the door “it’s the room, thank you”
I had a hailstorm in June, my shack took on one of its two hulls, water was flowing freely in my house, it was sham who warned us. Upon entering the room and seeing the damage: “Dogs under the table!” while we had to cut the electricity and put the basins they must very quickly. They don’t know the order but they know me and they know that everything I do is in their interest (or they find it in their interest).
If you’re scared, they’re scared, if you keep your cool they keep it.. you have to stay welded!
Can you imagine having to force your dog in this kind of situation?

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