FC Nantes: a Parisian whistled during the Trophée des Champions

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The Champions Trophy between PSG and FC Nantes was marked by a sad event, the whistles against Achraf Hakimi. The match was relocated to Tel Aviv in Israel, and the public, however mainly on the side of Paris, once again took advantage of the Moroccan international.

In question, the position of the Parisian side in favor of Palestine some time ago on Twitter. Political conflicts interfere in football and the former Real Madrid pays the price. Some FC Nantes players were entitled to a few whistles when they entered the field, as for Hakimi, the bronca retained on each ball touched. The player even had to come accompanied by security guards to access the stadium.

to summarize

During the Champions Trophy, the Parisian players were acclaimed by the public, except one: Achraf Hakimi. The Moroccan international who supports Palestine is copiously whistled by the Tel Aviv public each time he takes the ball.

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