Family discovers highly venomous red-bellied black snake in their home in Australia

-Ken Griffiths /

Australia is home to a multitude of wildlife. While most of them never leave their natural environment, others sometimes venture into human habitations. A red-bellied black snake was recently discovered in a home in Queensland.

The snake was found in a house in the suburb of Burpengary East, Queensland. According to the owners, he was lying on a window sill. Snake specialist Josh Castle came to the scene to retrieve it. The latter did not fail to share photos of the reptile on social networks. ” This is by far the biggest red belly I have come across in a long time “, did he declare.

As a reminder, the red bellied black snake is also called a red-collared black snake. Part of the family Elapidae native toAustralia, it usually measures between 1.25 and 2 meters. It is one of the most commonly encountered snakes in eastern Australia. It can easily be recognized by its black colored body and red belly.

The reptile can inflict serious injuries. However, its bite is generally not fatal to humans. Moreover, it would be the least dangerous of the poisonous snakes in Australia. Scientists note that it attacks only when sent into danger.

Some animals can sometimes take their ease in human dwellings. A few days ago, a man in Alabama discovered a huge gray rat snake in his toilet.

Kanto AndriamanjatosonOctober 21, 2022

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