family appeals to retrieve kidnapped dog Zak, victim of dog trafficking

A Toulouse family, who had their husky dog ​​stolen in May, is appealing on social networks to try to recover it. The dog would be in the hands of a homeless person in the pink city. A complaint will be filed and an online petition has already collected more than 18,000 signatures.

zackthis is the first name of this husky dog, which was stolen in May 2022. The family is appealing on social media to try to get him back. An online petition has garnered over 18,000 signatures.

zack is a pedigree dog, a husky. He is chipped. He is less than a year old and has been missing since May, kidnapped near his master’s home. Since then, its owner has multiplied the steps to find it, in vain.

The family wanted to file a complaint, Corn : the police dissuaded ussays Johan Guerinithe owner of the dog. They showed it was a waste of time“.

zack was however seen some time after his disappearance, near Place Jeanne d’Arc in Toulouse (Upper Garonne) in the company of a homeless person by a friend of the family. “It would have been resold by a couple of traffickers known in this environment” continues Johan Guerini. “The young man who alerted me knows another homeless person. He managed to get the phone of the one who lives with my dog, a certain Julien. I called him. He promised to bring the husky back to me a few days later and since then no news. He no longer answers my calls.

Johan Guerini surveyed the whole city, hundreds of kilometers to find zack. He even went to the detoxification center frequented by the homeless in Toulouse. But he never saw his dog again.

So a friend of hers came up with the idea for this call on social media.

A petition to find Zak is online at In 24 hours, it has already collected nearly 19,000 signatures.

Margot, friend of the dog owner also posted a video on the TikTok network.

Johan Guerini allegedly a victim of dog trafficking. His husky, worth 1500 euros would have been returned a hundred euros to a homeless. Stories that are more and more numerous on the net. Sometimes the animals are found years later. Sometimes never. Every year, animal protection associations record no less than 75,000 disappearance announcements published on social networks, like this Facebook group “lost dog and found dog”.

Johan Guerinihe doesn’t want to lose hope. He will now file an official complaint and give all the elements in his possession to the police. So that zack finds his home again and that a two-year-old boy can hug him again.

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