Fairs, a bygone tradition in these schools of Nevers

“We no longer speak of a fair but of the school festival”, we take Cyril Nourry, vice-president of the independent association of parents of pupils of the Lucette-Sallé school. Nevertheless, after two cancellations of contributions to Covid-19, the association is back to its habits. The joyful party bringing together families, students and teachers around cakes, wooden games and other homemade chamboules, is scheduled for Friday, June 24, in the elementary school courtyard. An exceptional figure in the public schools of Nevers.

Funds for the school cooperative

“It’s a heavy but important organization for us. The Covid-19 has impacted our finances, our actions and the life of associations”, underlines Cyril Nourry. “We were able to remobilize, mostly mothers of students,” he smiles. “It’s a crucial party for our involvement with the schools. The recognized funds will be paid to the cooperatives of the two schools, i.e. a target of €100 per class”. The money should contribute to the purchase of a second overhead projector for kindergarten, and school trips for elementary students. “The FCPE also participates”.

prime The “day of the people we love”, inclusive version of Mother’s and Father’s Day

At the Sainte-Bernadette private primary school, not one, but two fairs are planned for the beginning of July, at the initiative of teachers with the Association of parents of free education students. “Our school is on two sites”, recalls the director Marie-Jeanne Pelte. “We find a real life. We got back on the road with joy, songs, dances and games.

Conversely, a good number of schools contacted replied that they had revised their copy. “We are still in the Covid-19, it has been back since the April holidays… With 164 students, we have not managed to project ourselves. We therefore imagined more intimate times, with the parents in the classes, to restore the work of the year, it is more careful, ”explains Nathalie Richard, director of the Georges-Guynemer school.

“Parents come in another form, for other events and come out delighted”

Nadine Bourdin, director of Blaise-Pascal school

The Blaise-Pascal school also reviewed the way it welcomes parents at the end of June: “We opt for restitution linked to the class project. Before, there were a lot of games, refunds didn’t count… Added to this was the lack of volunteer parents. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t supposed to see their child. They come in another form, for other events, and come out delighted,” says Nadine Bourdin, director. Parents put less hand in the wallet, she appreciates.

Same story, at the Albert-Camus school group: “We focus everything on pedagogy. The fairs are from another era, it is not our choice,” underlines the director, Emmanuelle Niaudot. Monday, June 13, a concert of Brazilian songs and percussion was offered to families in the courtyard. A restitution of what was learned during the year, by all classes from CP to CM2, with teachers from the conservatory, followed by a concert. “It was the first time that we could stir up the students and bring the parents into the yard. I have very positive feedback. It was amazing,” she enthuses.

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