Faced with the heat in Japan, these dogs carry a portable fan

JAPAN – These are funny clothes with which these dogs are dressed in Japan. The country is, like many countries in the world, subject to high temperatures and pets find it difficult to withstand the heat because of their coats. But don’t panic, a Tokyo clothing manufacturer has implemented a solution: portable ventilators placed on the backs of dogs and cats, as you can see in the video at the top of the article.

The Japanese capital recorded its longest heat wave in history with temperatures of at least 35°C for nine consecutive days. The rainy season ended earlier than expected in Tokyo at the end of June. Since meteorological data began to be kept in 1951, the rainy season had never ended so early.

It is the company Sweet Mommy which is at the base of this project, in collaboration with veterinarians. Rei Uzawa, the president of the company that makes maternity clothes, wanted to launch this concept when she saw her own chihuahua exhausted after every walk this summer. She was inspired by the air-conditioned jackets worn by outdoor workers.

A system validated by dog ​​owners. ” It’s impossible to walk my dog ​​in such heat Poodle owner Mami Kumamoto told Reuters. ” I usually use dry ice packs [pour garder le chien au frais]. But I think it’s easier to walk my dog ​​if we have this fan”she adds.

This 80 gram battery-powered fan is attached to a special mesh outfit that circulates cool blown air around the body of dogs and cats. It comes in several sizes, depending on the size of the animal, and its price is 9,900 yen, or nearly 73 euros. Going on sale in early July, Sweet Mommy has already received around 100 orders for the product.

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