Evregnies: about ninety dogs evacuated from the breeding “A la Mâchoire en Veille”

This Monday morning, several associations of Wallonia Picardy, in favor of animal protection intervened in Evregnies in the entity of Estaimpuis within the approved canine breeding “A la Mâchoire en Veille”.

It was the manager herself who contacted the agents of the Animal Welfare Unit to ask for their help in placing all her animals. She can no longer provide care following serious health problems. Local associations (Silence Animal, Mouscron SPA) were not invited to participate in this operation, a request from the breeder

91 animals were therefore urgently evacuated. The collective of non-federated shelters mobilized, hand in hand, to save 88 dogs, two cats and a parakeet. The animals were welcomed by all the shelters concerned, in calm and serenity, and this only to ensure their well-being.

At the end of this care, the Opale refuge in Lessines took in 16 dogs (chihuahua, poodle, yorkshire, cocker spaniel, malinois) and a cat. “They have already seen our veterinarian and several problems will already have to be treated (malformation of the rear axle, descaling, heart murmur, infected wounds, parasites, etc.). Some are also blind. The cat was a stray whose lady was taking care of , unfortunately he has the queue broken but he will be treated shortly. They will all be groomed by our volunteers shortly.”

At present, we are therefore not talking about mistreatment of these animals. However, the photos show a real carelessness…

In addition, according to our colleagues from Nord Eclair, the breeding “A la Mâchoire en Veille” had already been the subject in 2013, of a seizure of 33 dogs. “Puppies and dogs of small breeds live in total freedom in the house and those of larger sizes are housed in enclosures outside with access to the shed each time.“, we had then indicated.

After seeing the veterinarian and getting a makeover, the animals will be offered for adoption to start a new, well-deserved life.

Évregnies: about ninety dogs evacuated from the farm

The associations Animals in Peril (Meslin l’Evêque) and Au Bonheur Animal (Bernissart) rescued several equines on Monday morning in the Brakel region. Escorted by the local police and by veterinary inspectors from the animal welfare unit, the members of the non-profit organizations crossed the municipality of Brakel to reach three different sites.

The owner, given formal notice several times by the authorities, persevered and did not apply the required improvements.

“On the spot, the professional trainers and volunteers are appalled to discover that the horses are deprived of food and water, and this despite the high temperatures still revealed at the beginning of September. The ground, totally desert, has of course been dried up by the heat wave, but no fodder is deposited in return. The basins of the three mares and two stallions are empty; a desperate situation which endangers the lives of the animals“, specifies Animals in Peril.

Once in the association vans, the group of equines was able to reach facilities adapted to their needs.

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