EVENT. The giant dogs of Royal Deluxe will parade through the streets of Villeurbanne

After a season of festivities and cultural events in Villeurbanne, that’s it, it’s D-Day. marks this season in a big way! This weekend, the giant dogs of Royal de Luxe will parade from the top of their 4.40 meters high and their 860 kilos.

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For more than 15 years, the animator Raphal Yem, meets young people who make the world today. For the first time, he decided to give the microphone directly to young people. For a year, they followed the biggest French cultural event together and they talk about it. `

Villeurbanne, French capital of culture, the event of the year 2022 with 700 events in the city, a completely crazy adventure.

Michèle is one of these 6 young people. A kind of correspondent who tells us about this year from the inside. That’s good, this weekend of September 24 and 25, this budding reporter is also a volunteer for the event. She will be on the front lines behind the scenes of the organization of the “Bull Machin de Villeurbanne”.

I volunteered all season on Villeurbanne French Capital of Culture 2022. I worked a lot on the “Réel” music festival. Imagine! On one received 45 thousand people. It was a big success! A festival entirely organized by young people. And there it continues, I offered myself for the parade of Royal de Luxe. I think it’s great this troupe that sees things big and with so much fantasy. I’m very excited. We’ve been talking about it for so long and it’s this weekend!

“I think it’s going to be impressive. For you, I’m going to follow the journey of these 2 dogs accompanied by Lilliputians.”

The new dog built for the event is appropriately called “Villeurbanne”. The name of the other giant dog? It’s Xolo. It has already been shown in Mexico. Today, they are preparing for the grand prix of the dog race which will take place on Sunday, September 25 and which starts in the Skyscraper district. We don’t know anything more. Oh yes ! The race will take place Cours Emile Zola.

More than 300 volunteers are mobilized for this 815-meter race. It’s no joke. But itThis show is still a world premiere!

Jean-Luc Courcoult the director does not want to tell us anything. For him it is very important to cultivate secrecy, it remains very vague. We just know that there will be 2 giant dogs, 2 presenters, but we trust. It’s the same troupe as those who made the Saga of the Giants. They have performed all over the world.

Michelle, volunteer

“Jean-Luc Courcoult is a character apart” continues Michelle, excited. “He’s in his world.” For the director, the viewers must experience the event, not intellectualize it.

FYI, at the end of the Giants in 2018 in Liverpool there were more than a million spectators!

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