“Even my dog ​​knows how to answer it”: new accusations of favoritism in Les 12 coups de midi

Every time the show The 12 strokes of noon is carried by a new master, the same controversy comes back from the side of the viewers: this one would be favored by the production in order to allow him to stay longer on the screen and thus familiar with records to make the buzz. And each time, Jean-Luc Reichmann, the host of the TF1 game, comes out with the same answer.

It makes me laugh because the questions are random. People who criticize just come to the showhe explained in 2019, when defending the course of Paul. Let them recognize and show that they can win the game and put themselves in danger like Paul.“He had also reminded him:”I am not Machiavellian, I am far from this kind of conspiracies. If there was a scheme, the show would no longer be there.

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Stéphane favored by the production?

What put an end to the suspicions? No way. For the past few weeks, Stéphane has now reigned supreme in the game with a prize pool currently estimated at €130,343. This Tuesday, September 20, 2022, the candidate also discovered a mysterious star which was none other than Leïla Bekhti. Or, if his umpteenth victory on the screen logically made him happy, it quickly made Internet users cringe.

In question ? To everyone’s surprise, Stéphane found himself in a duel after a bad answer. A moment that could have stressed any participant, except him. It must be said that the question put to him to hope to save himself was particularly easy, since he had to guess which athlete had already won a Tour de France among the following four proposals: Fernando Alonso (Formula 1), Fabien Barthez (foot ), Stanislas Wawrinka (tennis) and Christopher Froome (Cycling). Nothing very complicated.

Conversely, when one of her competitors was subsequently forced to go through the duel test in order to hope to qualify, her question turned out to be much more difficult, namely: date were the first paid holidays instituted? And possibly, among the proposed answers, there were pitfalls…

The fans of 12 strokes of noon angry

Also, this difference in level between the two questions a quickly frustrated number of many Internet users who have deplored an injustice. “The difference in difficulty between Stéphane’s question and this candidate still raises questions about the fairness of this TV game” can we read on Twitter, just like “A shame the harder questions on one side than on the other“, “The difference in level when it comes to making the champion stay MDRRRR more rigged you die“or else, “It makes me laugh when Jean-Luc is amazed by Stéphane’s talents when the question even my dog ​​knows how to answer it“.

Proof that Jean-Luc Reichmann’s explanations have not been heard and that the controversies around the 12 noon shots are not about to end.

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