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Esprit Dog, N°1 in online training

Born from the meeting between Romaric and Mélody, dog owners, and Tony and Jessica, who had a canine education company, Esprit Dog offers several types of interactive training for individuals and future canine educators.

Educate your puppy or dog, first aid, aggressive dog, each training course with many videos, advice and exercises to help masters understand their animal’s behavior in order to raise it in the best conditions. Affordable and available on the web, the method is simple and very effective!

For the pros, Esprit Dog has designed a very demanding and complete training course of 3 weeks (160 hours) of practice in real situations in its training center (Please note the online theoretical part is essential before moving on to practice) – You solve all the tools to become an excellent dog behaviorist trainer.

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With a community of nearly 1 million fans across all networks, the success encountered by the company in less than 3 years is phenomenal! Hyper active, the founders publish nearly 4 videos per week. Exercises, education advice, behavior analysis, knowledge of breeds, Tony deciphers and brings his expertise to the spectators. Also specializing in the production of shows dedicated to dogs, the team has come together to provide various programs to discover: La Gueule, a live show, Bande de Chiens, the podcast and Panic Dog.

Most ? Kindness and sharing

Esprit Dog’s credo is to help owners and their dogs. Also, if your animal has serious problems, the company offers you last chance rehabilitation (100% free) in its centre. Did you know that the team was behind Esprit Dog Show, the first show dedicated to dogs last June?

And to share even more with the public, the team is organizing Esprit Dog Solidarité, a tour at the end of August in 6 major French cities from Caen to Marseille during which Esprit Dog will donate 6 tonnes of kibble to support owners in financial difficulty.

To find out more:

Website: Esprit Chien

Youtube: Spirit Dog

Tiktok: Spirit Dog

Facebook: Esprit Chien Pro

Instagram: Spirit Dog

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