Environment. Manche: passionate about ornithology, Serge Mouhedin has created a new reserve

The 72-hectare reserve, which includes the nursery, is home to a rich biodiversity; birds like the spotted woodpecker, the water hen, but also mammals, batrachians… (©Serge MOUHEDIN)

More 90 species of birds have been known there over the past thirty years, of which “eleven are threatened in France or en Normandy “, of which “eight nest in the reserve or in the immediate vicinity”, determine the first activity report for this new bird sanctuarythe Hauts de Sienne reserve, Hambye (Sleeve).

11 species

The eleven species of birds classified as threatened present in the reserve are: the brown gull, the middle spotted woodpecker, the spotted woodpecker, the meadow pipit, the garden warbler, the gray flycatcher, the marsh tit, the crested tit, the sparrow yellow, the siskin of the alders and the bullfinch.

72 classified hectares

Inaugurated on August 27, 2022she covers 72 hectares at the heart of grove. It has meadows, woods, a one-hectare park and a nine-hectare nursery in operation. Under private law, the reserve was created on the initiative of the owner of these landsSerge Mouhedin, joined by his son Idris in caring for the biodiversity places.

Of Belgian origin, passionate about ornithology, from his installation in the Center-Manche in the 1980s, Serge Mouhedin took care to associate his activity with the sustainable development.

“To perpetuate our policy of respect for biodiversity and sustainable development, we have registered our nursery with a Plante Bleu level 3 certification, of “high environmental value”. We try to align a successful business with respect for the environment. I have always loved nature. I was a bird bander in Belgium and I didn’t change my habits when I arrived here. I was immediately proposed as a volunteer with the GONm. »

Serge Mouhedin

And it is with the Norman Ornithological Group that a “private law agreement” was signed this year, dated April 6th. The role of curator is assigned to Bruno Chevalier, also an ornithologist volunteer for the association.

First recommendations

Through this partnership, Serge Mouhedin wishes to pass the baton to better scientific monitoring and find help in sustainable management in favor of biodiversity, “with pragmatism” and with “intelligent regulation”.

“I drew up the convention and the protocols necessary for monitoring birds in particular. »

Bruno Chevalier

It has just been established a first activity reportwhere the first recommendations are proposed: “either ensure that he makes hay alternately with cattle grazing” on part of the meadows, “strengthen the hedges” in certain sectors of the reserve, “putting nesting boxes on the trees of high jets deemed too young to accommodate cave-dwelling passerines in the near future”, among other things.

The site will not be not freely accessible to the public“but we are going to point out the presence of this reserve on the walking route which marks it out in part. Hambye town hall also plans to work on information boards to raise public awareness, beyond the reserve, of the natural and built heritage present on the territory of the municipality”. Of the punctual animations are also possible.

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