Energy sobriety is “an absurdity”, denounces Marine Le Pen, who is calling for a reduction in VAT on energy

The elected representative of the National Rally affirms that a reduction in VAT on energy is the “only solution to find stable and bearable prices”.

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“Coming to sell us sobriety as the only argument to respond to the looming crisis is an absurdity in terms of energy”, says Marine Le Pen, president of the National Rally group in the Assembly, invited Tuesday, September 20 on France Inter. According to her, “It’s extremely light and difficult to apply”. She points to the fact that sobriety will not solve food inflation. “Are we going to suggest that the French eat less?” ironically Marine Le Pen, for whom the government’s call for sobriety “is the argument of those who have none”.

MP RN also denounces “the permanent check policy” of the executive, “the worst solution”, and the tariff shield. “It’s not magic money, there is no one who makes it in Madame Borne’s back kitchens”, denounces Marine Le Pen who recalls that at the end of the chain, “will come out of the pocket of the French”. “This method is a wrong method”, she insists.

For Marine Le Pen, “there is only one solution to find stable and bearable prices, it is to lower the VAT on energy”. “The energy, she continues, is a basic necessity and if it is a basic necessity, then the VAT must be at 5.5% and not at 20%”. The elected RN warns the French: “They will realize this this winter if they are forced to lower the heating, to suffer power cuts, rationing, that energy is a basic necessity”.

Marine Le Pen, who had already made this proposal during the presidential campaign, estimates its cost at “half of what the implemented tariff shield currently costs” by the government.

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