Energy price: baker receives bill for over 51,000 euros

After having had to face the Covid-19 pandemic and the rise in the price of raw materials, the energy crisis is putting the nerves to the test of many craftsmen and traders. In Belgium, where electricity prices are not regulated, bills have soared. For Emmanuel Lieman, a 43-year-old baker, the pill is very difficult to assess. As the Belgian media 7 sur 7 reports, this craftsman, based in Amay, has just received an electricity bill of 51,000 euros

TotalEnergies asks him to pay a first adjustment of 36,250 euros for the period from April 2020 to October 2021 and a monthly installment of 14,838 euros, just for the month of September. Two invoices to be paid respectively before September 21 and 22. “It’s unpayable (…) It’s more than twice the amount of last year and seven times more than before the crisis! And in addition, I still have to repay my 2020 debt”, s’ offends the baker


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Unable to reach his supplier by phone or email, Emmanuel Lieman chose the hard way by posting his invoices on Facebook. A move that paid off. “The manager I spoke to on the phone first told me that it was not nice of me to post my invoices on Facebook. I told him about the problem and he told me that my file was complicated. He took control of the file and promised to come back to me quickly”, he continues with our colleagues from 7 sur 7.


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Be that as it may, this Belgian baker does not intend to pay this bill and even says he is ready to rent a generator if TotalEnergies ever cuts him off. “If I end up having to pay, I’ll file for bankruptcy and start over somewhere else the next day. I wouldn’t be the only one doing it. All around me, all the freelancers live with a sword of Damocles hanging over their heads and fear of having to close shop”, deplores the one who wishes to warn individuals and challenge energy suppliers. “We sometimes ask households to pay 800 euros per month, it’s absolutely unpayable. We have to react.”

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