end to kosher and halal slaughter in the name of animal welfare

Carla Biancarelli

Since July 1, 2022, Intermarché has decided to stop kosher and halal slaughter in the name of animal welfare.

Discreetly implemented since July 1, Intermarché’s measure has aroused strong reactions from customers. Indeed, the group called SVA Jean Rozé took the decision to stop slaughter without stunning prior to animals.

While sausages contaminated with salmonella, sold in its storeswas recalled several days ago.

Intermarché stops ritual slaughter

The Muslim and Jewish religions impose not to stun the animal before killing it. The decision of the French supermarket chain therefore puts an end to the production of kosher and halal meats.

In France, if stunning animals is mandatory before slaughter, it is authorized concerning religious rites. “In order to guarantee the free exercise of religious practices”explains the Ministry of Agriculture.

It is therefore a question ofan individual and personal decision, for the group of Musketeers. Who mentioned the reason in a press release.

“Society’s general expectations regarding animal welfare have evolved significantly over the past few years”they said, evoking“societal awareness”.

A decision that divides between religious communities and defenders of the animal cause

“Out of 300,000 cattle slaughtered per year, ritual slaughter involved 15% of the animals. This shutdown will have no significant impact on work processes.”justified the SVA Jean Rozé.

On social networks, this announcement divides between religious communities and animal rights activists. “In any case, which Muslim buys his meat at Intermarché, we don’t care”, “as a breederr I welcome the decision of Intermarché to stop the ritual slaughters”sure could read.

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