Emergency landing: the cockpit of a plane badly damaged after a collision with a bird

The flight and the night at the airport went very badly, according to passengers.

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youA plane from the TUI company, coming from Antalya in Turkey and bound for Rotterdam in the Netherlands, made an emergency landing in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, on Saturday evening. It’s the media HLN who reports it.

The reason for this emergency landing? A collision with birds, which severely damaged the cockpit window. So said passengers, who complained of being left to their own devices at the airport overnight.

“Contradictory information”

“We had to stay on the plane for two hours after which we were allowed to leave and overnight accommodation would be arranged,” one passenger reported.

The latter also complained of “information” from the airline, difficult to reach according to him contradictory. “Then, in the middle of the night, we received a text message from TUI saying they couldn’t arrange accommodation for the night.”

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