Elections: animal shelters demand that their veterinarians can treat animals in the public

AQSS member shelters are taking advantage of the provincial election campaign to ask all political parties to take a clear position on a crucial animal welfare issue: are they ready to change the law to allow shelter veterinarians to treat low-income public animals?

For nearly three years now, shelters in Quebec, members of the Association québécoise des SPA et SPCA (AQSS), have been asking the Government of Quebec and the Order of Veterinary Physicians (OMVQ) to quickly make the necessary adjustments so that the teams animal-friendly shelter vets from the low-income public. Since all this time, nothing has changed. These animals continued to be neglected and to suffer in silence.

“How come we are one of the few jurisdictions in North America that prohibits professionals working for nonprofits from caring for low-income public animals? This must change, for the benefit of animals! “, explains Anny Kirouac, General Manager of Proanima.

A special bill for lawyers and notaries

While the animals of low-income people continue to suffer, the government was able to pass a special law enforcement bill. From now on, non-profit organizations have made it possible to hire lawyers and notaries to provide legal services to low-income people.

“On request a law similar to that adopted for lawyers and notaries. If the future government of Quebec really wants to allow us to relieve the public’s animals, it is capable of doing so. adds Anny Kirouac.

Sleeping subsidies

One of the most shocking elements in this file is that generous subsidies exist precisely for veterinarians in shelters to provide care to the low-income public. These subsidies would ensure that care would be completely free or at very low cost for people with low incomes, but shelters in Quebec must refuse these sums because they are prohibited from providing this care, because of Quebec regulations. .

About the AQSS

Nearly 15,000 pets find new families each year thanks to AQSS members. The AQSS represents Proanima, the SPCA of Montreal, the SPA of Quebec, the SPA of Estrie, the SPCA Laurentides-Labelle, the SPCA Charlevoix, the SPCA of the North Shore, the SPCA Saguenay and the SPCA of Outaouais. These members are professional animal shelters, supervised by veterinarians and experts, whose mission is to protect animals.

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