Drought: a shortage of milk is expected in the coming months, according to the FNSEA

By Graziella L. Posted Aug 6, 2022 2:20 PM

Between the war in Ukraine and the drought, there isn’t much food left in our supermarkets that isn’t in short supply. Indeed, the FNSEA warns of a possible lack of milk in the coming months.

Mustard, firewood, paracetamol, and now it’s the milk which is likely to be missing in our daily lives. Indeed, because of the terrible drought which has been affecting France for several months, the National Federation of Farmers’ Unions alert on a high risk of milk shortage in the coming months. This high heat has many consequences, in particular concerning animal husbandry.

Many breeders and farmers referring to their difficulties feed their animals correctly, indicating that they must supply themselves in stocks reserved for the winter. A situation uselessaccording to Yannick Fialip, president of the economic commission of the majority agricultural union, who specifies to France Info that “to make milk, you need fodder, mainly alfalfa and corn, which have grown little this year“.

Shortages which lead to others, therefore, between these linked to the war in Ukraine and the drought, to arrive at a shortage of milk, then of cheese and others, in the long term. The breeder asks for the price of milk to increase, for “ensure the sustainability of the sector“, because it is, according to him, 20% lower than the price paid to other European producers. He also claims “theactivation of the disaster fund“, reserved for this type of situation, so that the fodder is 50% financed by the State. Otherwise, many breeders choose to go out of business.

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