Drought: a risk of drinking water shortage in Paris?

By Graziella L. Posted Aug 3, 2022 11:44 AM

With a new heat wave, the drought in France is not likely to improve. The capital, placed on vigilance just like the inner suburbs, is there a risk of running out of drinking water in the weeks to come?

Since the beginning of the week, a new heat wave fell on France, already affected by several heat waves even before the arrival of summer. The whole country is under drought vigilance, and the situation is not likely to improve, while little rainfall is expected in the coming months. Whereas Paris and its little crown are now affected by the droughtdoes the capital risk lack of drinking water in a few weeks?

The inhabitants of Paris have become accustomed to seeing drinking water running from the tap, but could that soon stop? Paris water remains optimistic and believes that the filling rate are still normal for the season. The big ones reservoir lakes, which is to the east of Paris, currently provides the Paris region with a sufficient level of drinking water, without the risk of a shortage. Frédéric Barrez, hydrologist at Eau de Paris, indicates that the groundwater are rather spared, thanks to reservoirs in the basement which are always filled by the rains of past years.

UN operating plan from one year to the next gives the autonomous authority the possibility of reducing certain withdrawals upstream, to avoid any shortage in advance. However, it should be noted that the water temperature of the faucet can increase during high temperatures. Eau de Paris asks Ile-de-France residents to pay attention to their water consumption to preserve reserves and avoid any lack of water in the long term, if temperatures remain high for too long.

Visual ParisVisual ParisVisual Paris Weather: Paris and the inner suburbs placed on drought alert
After the heat wave, place to drought. Paris and the municipalities of Seine-Saint-Denis, Hauts-de-Seine and Val-de-Marne should go into drought vigilance this week. [Lire la suite]

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