dozens of corpses in the freezer and the garden

“If someone had told us a story like that, we wouldn’t have believed it.” Two weeks after repossessing a house they had rented out, this couple of owners from Bellegarde-en-Forez are just beginning to get back to sleep. What they discovered after the eviction of the tenants who no longer paid the rent the unable to sleep until then.

On May 13, after months of proceedings, the eviction goes off without a hitch. The next day, the owners go to the scene. What first strikes them (and nostrils) is the general state of the house. Dirt, residues and above all, animal excrement everywhere: in the living room, the kitchen, on the windows, in the bedrooms…

Animal droppings all over the house

Several centimeters of droppings accumulate on the floor of the laundry room where the smell is such, despite fifteen days of ventilation, that the gagging prevented us from entering….

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