Doing yoga with your dog? On a tested DOGA

We tested with Barbara Radomme who has been practicing Yoga for 13 years and has been teaching it for 3 years in Hélécine and Brussels at Doga DunkY, a Doga session with Sappho, a Red Golden Retriever. She did not know this practice and she was even skeptical to see that we were once again putting Yoga in all sauces!

Barbara had already noticed that her dog, during her online yoga class, had automatisms: As soon as I install the carpet, Sappho comes to settle with me naturally. She adapts her energy to mine: more active or calmer. During relaxation, she falls asleep next to me. At the end of the session, I do a song and there, she wakes up suddenly and licks my face. For Barbara“Animals are therefore very receptive to different energies.”

Animals are therefore very receptive to different energies.

Barbara started her first Doga session with her dog in the garden, and she was very surprised: “ I sat cross-legged on the rug and closed my eyes. Initially, Sappho does not turn on which is transmitted. But as this Golden Retriever is very responsive, the more effort she is asked to make, the more attentive she is and the more enthusiastic she is.”

We very quickly had a complicity at the level of the glances.

In the lotus position at the beginning, says our teacher, “we very quickly had a complicity at the level of the glances. She even seems to be waiting for the next instructions. And, she then adopted postures such as the warrior, the sphinx, the position of the child, …

The more acrobatic positions succeeded more complicated, explains Barbara, “because I think it takes more confidence and practice.

But in the end, Barbara was very surprised during this first session of Doga by the complicity established with Sappho and the relaxation that resulted from it. It is a very interesting moment of sharing, well-being and tranquility for the master and the animal.

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