Dogs rescued in Magnac-Bourg in Haute-Vienne could soon be adopted

The volunteers of the SPA of Haute-Vienne were alerted, Saturday October 15, by one of the two owners of twelve dogs, in Magnac-Bourg, south of Limoges. Shocked by the living conditions and the state of degradation of the animals, poorly fed by the owners “who would not consider themselves as such”, the SPA intends to file a complaint.

Some dogs show “socialization problems”

The dogs were taken care of as soon as they arrived at the shelter. They have been cleaned, groomed. Each dog will be identified, chipped. “They are hunting dogs. They have no signs of abuse, but some are aggressive and show socialization issues. They need to be educated before being offered for adoption,” informs the SPA.

Housed in a box, the dogs were to be offered for adoption within a month.


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