Dogs, cats, NAC: what solutions to keep your animal when you go on vacation?

Traveling with your pet is not always easy. And depending on the destination or the type of stay chosen, it is sometimes better not to take it with you. While cats can stay home for a weekend, veterinarians recommend not leaving them alone for more than two days. Indeed, in the absence of human contact, games and hugs, your darling could quickly start to get depressed. As for dogs that require permanent attention, it is impossible to leave them alone at home for more than a day. So how do you keep them? Make the point.

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Have your cat cared for by a loved one

Take it with you or leave it alone? The question can be a real headache when you go on vacation. Because if cats are known to be independent animals, they (still) need us. As with dogs, several studies have already shown that they can suffer from anxiety and depression when isolated for long periods of time.

That being said, we also know that a change of environment can be a source of stress, so it is generally preferable for them to stay on their territory. What to do then? Unless your cat is particularly adventurous, the best option is to have it kept at home. If you are lucky enough to have helpful and available family, friends or neighbors to drop by daily to recharge water, food and ensure the well-being of your little terror, the solution (free, what’s more) is all found!

Hire an animal visitors agency

If you also can’t find someone to visit your tomcat during your absence, know that there are home animal visitor agencies. The fact of going through an agency has the advantage of guaranteeing the “morality of the speakers” who will come to feed, give to drink and change the litter. But it is a solution that is especially suitable for cats. For dogs, we will prefer a solution of “placement” in an animal boarding house, with a foster family or an individual.

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Leave your pet with a foster family

In fact, there are also many host family platforms on the internet. These are equipped with a certificate of animal capacity and authorization from the DSV to exercise and animal liability insurance. And since you are preparing to entrust the apple of your eye to a stranger, do not hesitate to contact the selected family and ask to see the place where your animal will be kept. This is an opportunity to establish a first contact between them, and the best way to ensure that he will spend a stay in a suitable environment. If the costs vary from one platform and from one family to another, the price is generally between 15 to 30 euros per day for dogs, and 5 to 20 euros for cats.

Catsitter or dogsitter, which free solutions between individuals?

You’re not rolling in gold and your vacation has already cost you an arm and a leg? No problem, there are also inexpensive solutions for keeping your pet. If no one around you has responded, know that you can call on a volunteer catsitter or dogitter. On for example, you fill in your place of residence in the search engine, and you are presented with all the catsitters available nearby for only 3 euros per day.

A message of presentation and information on the place of life are also specified. The service is based on solidarity so the caretaker of your animal is not paid, but the sum of 3 euros is partly reversed to an association. On the same model Emprunt Mon Toutou, offers a free babysitting service, already counting thousands of people everywhere in France. Ditto for the Nacs, platforms like Animalfûté or Animaute also make it easy to find a guardian for your rodent, snake or other birds, near your home.

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Placing your dog in a canine pension

Dog boarding doesn’t really have a good reputation. However, they have the advantage of offering a regulatory framework and with it, strict health and safety conditions. These places of reception, also called kennels, deprived a team of professionals who take care of and take your dog out once a day. Just remember to visit the kennel before taking your doggie there. Depending on the site, the reception conditions or the guard boxes (collective or individual) are not the same, although the standard indicates that they must not be less than 5m². If the price of the kennel is generally between 10 and 20€ per day, the family canine pension which offers a more pleasant setting, is a little more expensive. In either case, definition that your dog is up to date with these vaccines (distemper, Rubarth’s hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus, kennel cough and rabies), that he is dewormed and treated against ticks m² . And don’t forget to bring your ID card!

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