Dogs, cats, horses… The keys to fully understanding our animals

Our special file “Communicate better with your animal”

Do you live with an animal? Know that you are now part of the majority, since just over half of French people have at least one (and 18% dream of acquiring one)! This file is made for you. With advice for even better cohabiting with the one who shares your daily life. If you don’t have one under your roof, this guide may also be of interest to you.

You come across them every day: there are 80 million of them in our country. You are going to discover that the often very strong relationship that unites, for example, a teenager with her Carthusian, a retired couple with their Yorkshire, is much more complex than it seems. Many scientists are looking into the lives of animals and how they feel. We learn every day. Just last week, a study by researchers at Oregon State University (United States) revealing that, contrary to popular belief, cats, which were thought to be aloof and undemonstrative, s ‘attached to those who consume care for them.

Yes, if you still doubted it, they understand you and have feelings. So, when you welcome a home, let’s respect it! Since Saturday, people who adopt an animal must sign a certificate of “commitment and knowledge”. The document details the needs of our future companion (food, education, health). It is specified that it is “a long-term commitment” and “a considered act”. Let’s hope it will prevent some 100,000 annual dropouts.

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