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It will be allowed to take the metro with a dog as of October 15, in Montreal. Pet dogs will not be allowed on buses and paratransit.PHOTO: Radio-Canada / Jean-Claude Taliana

Dogs will be welcome in the Montreal metro starting October 15. Defined rules must however be respected for walking in the metro with a dog. Veterinarian Jean Gauvin welcomes this pilot project. It gives some advice to allow dog owners to walk their pets safely, while respecting other metro users.

Jean Gauvin emphasizes that the metro is not a mode of transport designed for all dogs, especially those who are more stressed by nature. That said, this behavior can be fixed.

The vet warns people never to take an escalator with a dog. He adds that he disagrees with only one recommendation from the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) which is related to the transport of dogs in metro cars. Listen to the segment to learn more about it.