Dogo Argentino: wide angle on this breed of dog

The origins of the Dogo Argentino

Also called “dogo argentino”, “mastiff” or “dogo”, the dogo argentino is native to the region of Cordoba in Argentina. Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez is considered the father of the breed. Resulting from crosses between a Cordoba fighting dog, a Great Dane, a Bordeaux Mastiff, a Pointer and a Boxer, the Dogo Argentino breed was invented in the first half of the 20th century.e century.

the breed standard was thus fixed in 1928. Designed in its early days to be a fighting dog and a hunting dog, this mastiff was introduced in Europe in the 1970s, first in Italy, then in France in the 1980s, where it became very popular. Its placid temperament and characteristic patience make it a very popular pet indeed. The breed was recognized in 1973 by the International Cynological Federation.

The physique of the Dogo Argentino

  • size: between 62 and 68 cm for the male, between 60 and 65 cm for the female
  • weight: between 40 and 45 kg for the male, between 40 and 43 kg for the female;
  • hair: short and smooth;
  • hair color: white, sometimes with black spots around the eyes;
  • shape of the head: square, the muscles of its jaw are very developed;
  • shape and color of the eyes: almond-shaped, they are very wide apart, their color is dark (from hazelnut brown to intense black);
  • shape of the ears: triangular in shape, they are half-dressed and set high;
  • other particularities: his body is very muscular, massive and harmonious.

The character of the Dogo Argentino

Very balanced psychologically, the Dogo Argentino is a social dog, intelligent, faithful and loyal to his masters. Calm and protective, especially with children, it is also an excellent playmate for them. It will need marked attention and tenderness: despite its impressive physique, the Dogo Argentino is also very sensitive to overflowing love!

The Dogo Argentino needs contacts and space, which is why a house with a garden is its ideal living environment. A little stubborn, his education requires a certain rigor. It therefore needs a firm but affectionate master.

Dogo Argentino health

The health of the Dogo Argentino is generally good. Vigilance is however required because of its genetic predisposition to deafness (gene linked to its white color) and epilepsy, as highlighted by the study Epilepsy of the Dogue Argentin, Cane Corso and Dogue de Bordeaux: phenotypic and genetic characterization (2014). This same study also demonstrated that there was no age for the first epileptic seizure in the Dogo Argentino.

The dogo can also suffer from osteoarthritis (as large breed dogs often do) and hip dysplasia. The life expectancy of the Dogo Argentino is between 12 and 14 years.

The price of the Dogo Argentino

The purchase price of a Dogo Argentino is between 800 and 1400 € (male and female combined). The annual maintenance cost can go up to 1800 €.

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