Dog & Puppy: advice and information on dogs

The dog is, like the cat, the most popular pet. Originally working as a hunting dog or sheepdog, today he is a true member of the family.

Whether they are homebodies, players or sportsmen, dogs all have their own personality and will provide you with the dog that suits you. Whatever its characteristics, you will be the guarantor of the well-being and health of your dog. For this, it is essential to get to know him better.

Adopting a dog, a life-changing decision
If you do not already share your life with a dog, you will first have to choose your dog. Our guides help you answer these crucial questions: Which breed of dog is right for me? A big dog or a small dog? An apartment dog or a sports dog? A dog suitable for children or other animals?

Whatever dog is right for you, remember that shelters are overflowing with animals waiting for families and some of them are even pedigree dogs.

Living with a dog: how to make him happy?
A puppy or an old dog has just joined your home, you now need to learn how to educate it, feed it, maintain it and possibly care for it.

To live a long and happy life, a dog needs an adapted diet, regular veterinary follow-up and above all to spend time with his masters, on walks or taking a nap.

Croquettes, harness and leash, basket or cushion for dogs, adapted toys… All this constitutes an essential basis for their comfort.

Thanks to our articles, you will also learn how to prevent and react in the event of injury or illness. Our first advice being, of course, to turn to your veterinarian in case of doubt.

With your love and attention, your dog will feel safe.

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