Dog Guides Rescue Team To Injured Owner Who Falls 25 Meters: ‘It Was Like A Movie’

Saul, a Border Collie dog, almost panicked when he saw his handler fall off a cliff, but instead stayed calm and told rescuers the scene of the accident.

Dogs are able to give all their energy to defend their masters if they feel they are in danger. However, although such stories are known, there are times when dogs do truly amazing things.

One such case is that of Saul, a dog who was once touted as a hero in California, USA, after leading a rescue team to his owner who had fallen down a 21-meter ravine .

© Nevada County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue on Facebook

A dog guided a rescue team to its injured owner who fell 25 meters

According to KCRA, the accident happened in the Tahoe National Forest, where Saul was walking with his handler when he tripped and fell into a ravine, fracturing his ribs and hip. Because he was so badly injured, the man was unable to leave the area on his own. After 24 hours in the field, he therefore tried to contact the rescuers by mobile phone.

The Nevada County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Department had dispatched 25 members to the area around the park. But the problem was that they didn’t know his exact position, so Saul ran over 180 meters and met two rescuers whom he led to the ravine where his master had fallen.shits

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“At first we didn’t believe them, because it looked like a movie. When they came back and we described the situation, the reality was that they had followed the dog directly to the victim,” said Sergeant Dennis Haackwho was in charge of the operation.

Police and first responders paid their respects to Saul, whom they identified as the hero of the day. “The real credit goes to the Border Collie of the victim who ran through the forest for some 182 meters“, they wrote in a statement.

© Nevada County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue on Facebook

The man was eventually treated in the area and taken to hospital by helicopter.

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