Dog beer? Yes, it exists and it is turkey!

Your dog will be able to enjoy this canine beverage without moderation because, of course, it is alcohol-free.

Discover turkey beer for dogs! Credit: Busch Light

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Have you always dreamed of sharing a beer with your pet? It is now possible. Even if you could already toast around a “ponytail“With your four-legged best friend in this bar, this dog beer is born for a completely different occasion.

In a few days (next November 24), our neighbors across the Atlantic will meet to celebrate Thanksgiving. And so that no member of the family is left out, the brand of alcoholic beverages Busch Light has unveiled a novelty that has dog, and it is not nothing to say.

Busch Light launches a range of non-alcoholic and special turkey beer for dogs. Credit: Busch Light

So this year, humans will share the turkey at the table (and a pumpkin pie for dessert of course) and the dogs will be entitled to their beer… with turkey! They do have their own “patterns”, so why not a special beer for them? But rest assured: Busch Light Turkey Brew is alcohol-free. Your dog will then be able to have fun without moderation!

Turkey dog ​​beer

Your dog will absolutely want to taste this turkey beer! Credit: Busch Light

Made with turkey, sweet potato, basil, ginger, turmeric and peppermint, the dog beer is 100% alcohol-free. The brand assures that “even humans could consume it“. Well, we’re not sure we want to try anyway…

Busch Light Turkey Brew is guaranteed alcohol-free. Credit: Busch Light

If these original flavors were selected for the Busch Light Turkey Brew, it is obviously because they recall the traditional dishes served on the occasion of Thanksgiving. Your pooch will then have the impression of sharing the meal with you, like this summer with his special scoop of chicken liver ice cream.

So how do you find canine beer with turkey? They are now available on the website at a price of $15 (approximately €15.10) for a pack of four cans. And for 25 dollars (25.10 €) more, you can also offer a soft toy in the shape of a beer bottle to your pooch. It’s not even Christmas yet that your furball is already spoiled!

And you, do you give dog beer to your pet? Credit: Busch Light

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