Dog Adopted Just 9 Days Stays With Stray Owner Until She’s Safe

Pearl Radcliff84-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s disease, lives with her nephew Dawne Griffith close toHoustonin the state of Texas to United States.

The duo is inseparable. pearl indeed needs special attention.

On August 28, 2022, they decided to do a good deed by adopting Maxima beautiful black Labrador Retriever from refuge.

The animal quickly settled into its new home and quickly bonded with its owners.

Maxim naturally comforted pearl when she suffered from anxiety attacks produced by her illness.

On September 6, 2022, the woman went out for a walk with her new canine friend. Unfortunately, they did not return home.

Intensive research

Dawn promptly contacted the policeHouston who dispatched the rescue groups to the scene Texas Center for the Missing and EquuSearch .

Searches were organized and fortunately, on September 8, after 2 days of wandering, pearl was found safe and saved.

Furthermore, Maxim stayed by her side to watch over her. Dawn was extremely touched by the loyalty of the pooch who had only been in their home for 9 days, report People.

The good news was shared on social networks and aroused the admiration of the community. The dog has thus benefited from its hour of glory.

pearl was taken to the city hospital for a check-up. She has very few memories of what happened during these 2 days of disappearance and therefore suffered no trauma. She is also in great physical shape.

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Maximmeanwhile, had been driven to the pound. Dawn picked him up the next day and said: “We will never let him leave us again. He is part of our family and I couldn’t be more grateful to him for protecting my aunt.”.


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