Does the dog need a pack leader?

Mathilde Guillon works in Poitiers and during her studies she heard about this idea. These were observations on wolves in captivity. Observations since debunked, which have been proven to be untrue regarding free-roaming wolves having a pair-based organization, plus the idea that dogs are like wolves is a thoroughly debatable idea !

We humans are neither dogs nor wolves and therefore absolutely cannot claim to be pack leaders. Bowl fillers, water and cuddle providers, deciders when we go for a walk, preventers from getting on the sofa: yes. Yes we have established rules of common life, but we live in collaboration with our animals, we are in a mutual partnership.

But there are many dominant dogs over others, right? Between canine individuals, there are hierarchies which are established and which aim for peace to reign: N°1 eats before N°2, etc… This hierarchy aims to avoid conflicts within the community.

In the same house, a dog recognizes the authority of such a person, another dog will have another human being as a referent, why?

Ethology researchers now assert that dogs balance the positive and negative interactions they have with every human.

Who gives me the caresses that I love? Who gives me the best rides? Who speaks to me with serenity?…

And the best walks are a criterion of choice for our dog friends.

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