Do you want to turn your dog into a piece of jewelry? This agency turns ashes into diamonds

Z.Orme sends samples of animal hair or ash to Switzerland: the whole process costs from €3,000 and you have to wait more than a year.

It is possible to turn your dog into a diamond. It is not a magic trick, but a chemical process obtained from the treatment of ashes or a hair sample. The Z. Orme pet funeral agency in Carobbio degli Angeli (Bergamo) explains that it is “a way to greet, be close to and remember your pet”. On the other hand, a diamond is forever.

“We do a full service. We collect the remains, we keep them and then there is the cremation. We decided to offer a diamond coating, it is an additional option for people who want to turn their pets into jewelry to always take with them,” explains Orietta de Z. Orme, who not only deals with dogs, but also cats, ferrets, rabbits, turtles and birds.

The diamond making process

“Basically we send the ashes of the animal or a sample of fur to Switzerland”, it is the best solution. The hair, in fact, is rich in carbon: the basic element to create the diamond. “If you choose to send the ashes, you have to send a larger quantity,” he explains to

The diamond manufacturing process begins in Switzerland: “We rely on this company. We went to personally check how he works and he convinced us”. Inside a laboratory, the normal formation of diamonds in nature is reproduced through the use of state-of-the-art equipment and the simulation of natural conditions. Once the diamond has been created, it is then possible to set it in a ring, or to create a necklace, “it depends on the requests of the clients”, explains Orietta.

Before starting the process, the ashes are marked with an identification code, then the extraction of carbon, the basic element of diamonds, begins. The second step is purification, where the carbon in the form of graphite is extracted by breaking down the carbonates. It is then subjected to high pressures and temperatures. When the diamond has acquired the right shape, it is cut and saved. Finally sent to Z.Orme Pet Funeral Home.

The time and cost to transform your pets

The process is long, it takes at least a year, sometimes even more. “However, it is a time-consuming process that requires specialized machinery,” says Orietta. The cost is also not negligible, we always talk about diamonds, even if they are artificial. “It varies. It depends on the cut, the shape, the color”. It starts from 3,000 euros, and in fact, customers are often held back by the price. “When they all come to us they ask for it as a service, it’s clear that when they understand that it’s very expensive they withdraw”.

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