Djamel Belmadi empties his bag on the binationals

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After the terrible failures at CAN 2021 and qualification for the World Cup, Algeria is in full transition. And public opinion demands changes at the level of the players. As very often for African countries, the thorny case of binationals is on the table and even more so in Algeria. Because for several weeks, the possible selections of Houssem Aouar, Yacine Adli or even Amine Gouiri have been mentioned. During his press conference after his list, the Algerian coach Djamel Belmadi was questioned for a very long time on the subject of dual nationals and on certain very specific players. As usual, the Algerian technician was very frank and wanted to explain things concretely about the absences of these players in selection. With some photos of which he has the secret. Selected pieces.

“Ask the players directly, you will know if they want to join this team”

“For the players you just mentioned (Gouiri, Aouar, Adli etc), if they really want to play for the national team, they must first go through administrative procedures. This is done jointly between the player and the federation. They have to sign documents that we then have to send to FIFA and then to the federation in question, and so on. It is not so simple. So it’s impossible to put them on an extended list if not to pass for idiots or incompetents. You are not going to send an extended list to a club when the player is not even selectable. There are many rumors, palaver since the summer. We didn’t say anything. Afterwards, to be honest, there are things that will evolve with certain players and that will appear in future FIFA dates. Some players could have been there for this truce, but are not because of the steps or other points which take a certain time.he first launched.

More concretely, Djamel Belmadi was questioned about the cases of Yacine Adli and Houssem Aouar who are announced very close to the selection by the Algerian press. He asks journalists to go find out directly from them. “If you want to be sure – and you are a journalist – why not have information from the player himself. Can’t contact them themselves? It would be nice one day that you could talk to Adli for example. That way he’ll tell you what’s going on. We will also know his position. Have Houssem Aouar too, or even Gouiri or Larouci. Sometimes you even play on the fact that maybe the coach hasn’t been to see them. Go see them and talk to them. You will then have two pieces of information. On these quality players and of whom we are convinced that they will have an impact like the Feghouli, Mahrez, you will know if they have been approached or more than approached by the coach, and you will know especially if they want to join this team.”

“The player dad loves to say everywhere how much he loves the country, how nationalist he is, but he changes his tune when his son actually has to play for us”

Because the problem of dual nationals is always the same. If the player refuses Algeria for the moment, should we condemn him and write a cross on him. Or wait until he changes his mind one day to report to the selection. Belmadi has made his choice. “If their own parents don’t have an impact on the players, what is a coach going to do? I take my hat off to Vahid Halilhodzic, who unfortunately will not go to the World Cup when he deserves it, and who had cases closed in 4 seconds with Brahim Diaz for example. He made it clear that he was going to see him and that Diaz said no. Case closed. Me, I haven’t wanted to do this for 4 years, because it’s not in my interest. Neither yours. Maybe today a player is not ready, but at 23 he will be and he will give you 10 years in the national team. Those who condemn and put in difficulty in, after the player will be so afraid that he will not come anymore. I don’t play that game. The most important thing is to know if the manager is as determined as you to have these players? The answer is yes, and even more than you”he explained.

Annoyed after several questions about the absence of certain players, Djamel Belmadi wanted to explain why several dual nationals were not present. He also explains what often coincides with these players, namely the entourage. “For 4 years I have contacted these players and more than contacted. Go find them, all the names you mention, they are 5-6, and ask them if anyone has contacted them! I will be very attentive to the response of the players. I protect them to see them arrive under my mandate or under that of another, but if they lie tomorrow, them or those around them… Like the dad who plays on both counts. Player dads, in general, often love to say everywhere how much he loves the country, how nationalistic he is, but he changes his tune when his son actually has to play for us. You go to meet him and he only talks to you about himself when you come to talk about his son. When a player tells me “no wait, talk to my daddy, my mommy, my dog”… I could just say publicly that he said no and that’s it. However, I work for a long time. But I’m not trying to convince. I present the project. That is clear. But the Algerian coach also announced that we could well see new faces at the next rally.

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