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Test your knowledge of Disney animated classics with our special quiz. Can you recognize which movies these dogs belong to? (Warning, high difficulty!)

Do you know 101 Dalmatians by heart? Have you lost count of the number of times you have watched The Aristocats? Would you be able to recite all the dialogues of Lady and the Tramp in order? In short, are you an infallible expert on Disney animated feature films? The time has come to verify that this is indeed the case.

From Peter Pan to The Little Mermaid via Oliver and Company and Basil, private detective, test your knowledge of the feature films produced by the enchanted kingdom by managing to find in which films the following 11 dogs are hiding.


The Lady and the Tramp

Jock, the adorable Scottish terrier friend of Caesar and Lady in The Lady and the Tramp, also makes several (sometimes unlikely) appearances in other Disney Studios animated classics. You can actually see it in 101 Dalmatians (during the famous evening barking sequence), in Olivier and Company (during Dodger’s song, at the beginning of the film) and in The Lion King (well hidden among the hyenas, just before the end of the feature film).


Little Brother, Mulan’s dog – who only appears very furtively at the start of the film – returns to make a small cameo in Tarzan, produced by Disney a year later. You will have to be particularly attentive to hope to see it, in the form of a plush, falling from Professor Porter’s pocket when the latter is shaken by one of the gorillas.

101 Dalmatians

Dodie Smith, the author of the book that inspired the feature film from Disney studios, owned several Dalmatians herself. She had the idea to write her novel the day when one of her friends reminded her that she thought her four-legged friends would make a wonderful fur coat.

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