Discovering the animal world at the Pac Animalier des Pyrénées

For a family outing, what could be better than exploring the animal world? This is what the Animal Park of the Pyrenees offers in Argelès-Gazost with more than 600 animals and 120 species.

An immersion rich in emotions

On the 14 hectares of the park on the mountainside, you can discover the wild fauna of the Pyrenees, such as gray wolves, marmots, or the emblematic Brown Bear, but also animals from the rest of the world, such as red whiskered gibbons. , ocelots or giant otters.

Between the immersion aviaries, the feeding pens or even the 7 hectares of semi-freedom trails to assess animals as closely as possible, young and old will be amazed throughout the visit.

A night closer to the animals

In addition to offering to become a trainer for a day and to discover behind the scenes of the park and the profession of trainer, the Parc Animalier des Pyrénées offers to spend the night with the animals.

In one of its 3 ecolodges (Le Refuge, la Cabane du Trappeur and la Tanière), it is possible to spend the night as a family with marmots, bears or wolves, and see them evaluated while being separated from a single window. Guaranteed sensations!

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