Discover the true story of the dog who waited for his master in a hospital in Peru.

A dog named “Firuco” has been in the news for the past week in Peru. Due to Covid-19, his owner was apparently admitted to hospital where this very loyal dog waited for 3 days.

The patient’s dog waited outside Guillermo Almenara National Hospital in La Victoria, Peru. He stayed with the guards at one of the access gates to the medical center for three days, according to reports. A person who works at the medical center, Meli Valderrama, became aware of the case and posted messages seeking solidarity from people via Facebook.


She wrote :

“This adorable dog came to accompany his parent, who is hospitalized because of the Covid. He’s been waiting for her for two days. Today he was cold and hungry, we already wrapped him up and gave him food, but he will need it for the next few days”.

A dog waited for his master for 3 days in a hospital

To protect him from the cold, they set up a small house for him. Animal welfare organization Huellitas Felices Perú posted a message on Facebook announcing the death of a relative of Firuco, victim of COVID-19, but this news was denied soon after.


Shortly after news about the dog went viral, Doctor Meli wrote an update about the dog on Facebook. This is how she announced that the dog had been transferred to a vet, and she was shocked that people were asking for money to help the dog, when she and others did. without asking for anything financially.

In a video shared by Meli on Facebook, a representative from the veterinary center explained that “Firuco” was apparently fine, but that he was going to undergo some tests to get better. determine their state of health.

© FB/MELI VALDERRAMA After the story of this dog was reported in different media, it was discovered in a surprising way that the dog’s name is in fact “Lucky”. He is about 2 years old and belongs to the Peruvian National Police (PNP). Lucky was reportedly disoriented after following a patrolman, according to Latina’s 90 Central news program.

The dog is part of the PNP’s “Leopards” special services unit. So apparently the dog never waited for anyone outside the hospital. He remained on the spot, because he was very well cared for by the staff of the medical center.


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