Discover 5 races of short-haired dogs

Land of the 5 furry dog ​​races

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There are many breeds of short-haired dogs. A look back at five emblematic breeds, their physical characteristics and their temperament.

The furry dog ​​racing ground are appreciated, among other things, for reduced hair loss, as well as easier maintenance.

The Jack Russell

Jack Russell Terrier. Lubo Ivanko /

Considered a small dog, the Jack Russell is renowned for its boundless energy. He does not hesitate to bark to solicit the attention of those around him.

Its coat gives it very good protection against seasonal fluctuations and bad weather. This breed of short-haired dog weighs no more than ten kilos, for a height at the withers of between 25 and 35 cm. Very friendly, he is welcoming with foreign people.

The Beagle

Beagle. GarkushaArt /

Originally from the United Kingdom, the Beagle is appreciated for its affectionate and protective nature. Its coat is particularly dense, making it insensitive to episodes of high heat or winter cold.

It can weigh up to 20 kg, for a height at the withers of 30 to 40 cm. His physique is essentially distinguished by large drooping ears, a marked stop and small brown eyes. This short-haired dog breed is sociable with both children and other pets.


Weimaraner. otsphoto/

The Weimaraner has a muscular and slender body. This is highlighted by a thick coat. The color of her coat most often varies between different shades of gray, from blue to silver. This is a large, short-haired breed of dog.

Its average weight is between 25 and 40 kg, for a height at the withers that can reach 70 cm. The Weimaraner is a dog very attached to his master and to the members of his household. He is an ideal companion for children. In order to satisfy his physical needs, the practice of a canine sport is recommended.

the doberman

Dobermann. Cecilia /

An excellent guard dog, the Doberman is one of the best-known short-haired dog breeds. His physique is easily distinguished by his black to dark brown coat with some tan markings. His ears are high and drooping.

Previously, some owners trimmed them to a point. This practice is now prohibited in France, except for health reasons. The weight of the Doberman is between 30 and 45 kg. As for the height at the withers, it is between 60 and a little over 70 cm. In addition to his protective temperament, this dog is docile and very intelligent.

the dalmatian

Dalmatian. ezzys /

Another famous short-haired dog breed, the Dalmatian has a dense, shiny coat. Its white coat is studded with black or brown spots. If he is of a playful nature, always ready to have fun or go for a walk, we know him to have a stubborn character. It is therefore necessary to be firm during his education.

If this is not its primary “function”, it is considered a very good watchdog. Of medium size, the Dalmatian weighs around thirty kilos, for an average height at the withers of 55 to 60 cm.


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