Did we just find the penis of a whale on an Australian beach?

This strange discovery panics the web. On Saturday, October 15, a video surfaced on TikTok, revealing a gigantic pink, tentacle-shaped thing, washed up on an island off Townsville, Queensland (Australia). Immediately, this extract went viral and speculation arose: could it be a whale penis? ScienceAlert casts doubt.

“Look, it’s massive, it’s the size of my leg!” Disgusting ! », exclaims the young woman who filmed the images. But Vanessa Pirotta, a zoologist at Macquarie University in Sydney, warns: “We don’t know exactly what this one and a half meter of chair represents. It can be anything, part of any sea animal, like a shark’s liver.” However, the zoologist confirms that its shape and size are strangely comparable to the genital organ of a male whale.

If this hypothesis is confirmed, it would probably be the anatomy of a humpback whale – due to its current presence in Queensland waters to reproduce. The track of the blue whale, the largest known animal, would have been ruled out: its penis with an average length of 2.5 to 3 meters would have been more imposing.

A discovery at the service of science… and the general public

The whales being in full courtship, it is not impossible that this recent discovery comes from a solitary male, who had the misfortune to seduce a predator such as an orca. However, unless an expert is on the scene to examine the remains, how this gigantic piece of chair ended up stranded remains a mystery.

The craze around humpback whales is not new. Researchers have been studying their reproductive organs for many years in order to learn more about the mating habits of these large cetaceans. In 1995, the examination of whale testicles allowed scientists to conclude that their reproduction is seasonal.

Additionally, the length of the animal’s penis can be used as an indicator of sexual maturity. For Vanessa Pirotta, this find has at least one advantage: “It allows the general public to learn more.”

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