Denmark League of Nations LIVE: Follow the match live

65th : The Blues are applied defensively, median block. We expect the Danes but not too much. But we’ve been a little pissed off since the but in all honesty.

63rd : It was unfortunately predictable with these overloaded calendars, even if for Varane the evil is a little deeper. Very good idea this international truce to accomplish the players.

60th: Saliba replaces Varane

58th : The carnage on the French side, Varane goes to the ground … The caregivers enter the lawn.

55th : Counter Danish led by Eriksen, finally taken over by the French defense. On the next action, Tchouaméni takes his chance from afar. In Monaco, it’s been but, with the Blues, it slips out of the stadium.

52nd : The Danes are in trouble, you have to take the opportunity to take a break right away.

50th ZFHZGPRSDVSDVEFEFV BUUUUUUT KARIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM BENZEMAAAAA GOLAAAAZOOOOO MADRE MIA BALLON D’OR EVERYWHERE CARAJOOOOOOO!!! The combination with Nkunku and the number in the area before concluding full of composure. It simply walks on water. France 1-0! : ZFHZGPRSDVSDVEFEFV BUUUUUUT KARIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM BENZEMAAAAA GOLAAAAZOOOOO MADRE MIA GOLDEN BALLOON EVERYWHERE CARAJOOOOOOO!!! The combination with Nkunku and the number in the area before concluding full of composure. It simply walks on water. France 1-0!

49th : I haven’t talked much about Griezmann yet, I think we’re coming back to the point where we’re going to have to question his starting position. It lacks a truly creative profile or a real relay in its place in the middle. He struggles to exist behind the two forwards.

47th: KARIIIIM IN THREE TIMES! On receiving a cross from Kanté, Benzema takes the lead, in vain, the ball comes back on him he shoots, against, then tries to put it back as best he can to a partner but he only finds a Danish. Shame…

Nkunku replaces Mbappé, who had called on the trainers just before the break.

In the other match of the group, Austria lead 1-0 in Croatia. And in the big derby of the evening, the Netherlands leads by the same score against Belgium.

45th: It’s half-time at the Stade de France! 0-0 between the Blues and Denmark, a fairly logical score in my opinion. Benzema scored a goal disallowed for offside, and the Danes almost opened the scoring early in the game. Not the big breakout, but we expected it.

44th : You have to get up with happiness to move forward once you reach the Danish 25 meters.

41st : Good tight cross from Wass after a reversal from Eriksen, the ball goes past everyone except Lloris. Impeccable action.

38th: The danger comes from Maehle today on the Danish side! Another floating ball in the French defense and the Dane managed to take over with his foot. Fortunately, Lloris is vigilant.

36th : The most positive point at the Stade de France is still this pleasantly mild weather. It’s good in summer, you don’t need 46 layers of clothing to survive the drafts of the Plaine Saint-Denis.

33rd : But Théo is too much… He goes up the whole pitch with long strides in 4 seconds, asks for the one-two with Mbappé who obviously doesn’t give it to him. Badly inspired, Kyky loses the ball right after on a complicated dribble.

32nd : The two teams shine more by their compact blocks than by intensity, which can be understood after 472 games in the legs this season.

29th : Mbappé hooks to get on his right foot at the left corner of the surface and strike. It’s on target but too much on Kasper Schmeichel, who doesn’t flinch.

27th : Beautiful abnegation of the Theo bison which returns to the general Danish progression after being sucked up on its lane. The Blues have been defending well since Denmark’s only big chance.

24th : As they say in the trade, the midfield battle is raging (yes I furnish as much as I can when there is no clear OCCAZ).

22nd : Nelsson takes the broth in front of Coman and knocks him down by pressing his shoulder but the referee has decided to apply the rules of MMA tonight so there’s no fault.

20th : Coman fixes and crosses into the area, but as the Danes are all 4m29 (true, their supporters are huge, I passed in front of them earlier they put two heads on me), the Scandinavian defense was able to free themselves quietly.

17th : The Danes have been a little more inside for a few minutes. Benzema and Mbappé pushed back the opposing block.

14th: ARRRGH BUT REFUSED BY BENZEMA! Offside at the start because Kyky was a little late in giving him the ball on a one-two that concluded a crazy chance between the two attackers.

13th : the Danish quadrille hinge Benzema, author of a perfect control of the chest after an excellent call in depth in the surface. A poison, this Karim.

12th: MOM LE FESTIVAL DE KARIM HAS TWO FINGERS TO OPEN THE SCORE. Give him the Ballon d’Or now. And there is no penalty on the stroller just behind ???

11th : Griezmann takes care of it … It is touched by Benzema and Tchouaméni but without much success. Out of corn.

11th : Corner for the France team.

9th : Soft mid-range strike from Grizou, who has the merit of trying and gauging himself against Schmeichel.

8th : Well, we knew this talented Danish team and we have to admit that in these first minutes, Christian Eriksen’s teammates play better football than us.

6th : L.Hernandez tries to project himself forward but Benzema steals the ball from his feet to distribute it calmly. Two different styles.

4th: You have to wake up gentlemen! Maehle on the verge of taking advantage of a huge marking error by the French defense. Fortunately for the Blues the angle was closed but it’s post I think. The Stade de France shook.

2nd : The Danes rather high on the ground since the kick-off but the Blues finally recover the ball on a foul obtained in their half of the field.

1st: Let’s go at the Stade de France!

8:40 p.m. : The players are on the pitch for the anthems. You barely have time to get a beer before kick-off.

8:35 p.m. : Nice atmosphere at the Stade de France on the other hand it is in 2022 the clappings must stop now.

8:30 p.m.: While waiting for the kick-off, if you want a little reading to pass the time…

8:25 p.m.: 20 minutes before kick-off, the opportunity for us to open this live with the composition of the Blues. The defense at 3, a Kanté-Tchouaméni double pivot, Benzé-Mbappé in attack, in short, classic.

Yo Minutos! The most prestigious of competitions, the only one worth more than the late Coupe de la Ligue, I am of course talking about the League of Nations. Guess who the defending champions are? Yes, it is us, France. Like the World Cup. In short, we are not going to spread out on the winners of the Blues. Didier Deschamps’ men received Denmark at the Stade de France on Friday evening in a match where the main issue will be whether the authorities will succeed this time in reducing their lines so as to ensure the safety of the supporters who have come to watch the match. For the rest, we expect nothing more than a victory for the Blues in this repetition of the second match of the group stage of the 2022 World Cup. To send a message, as they say in the middle.

>> See you tonight for the live from France – Denmark

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