Dengue fever: 19 cases in two weeks, the situation is stabilizing

From July 11 to 24, 19 cases of dengue were recorded in Reunion. With the austral winter, the ARS highlights a significant decrease in mosquito populations.

From July 11 to 24, 19 cases of dengue were recorded, announced the Regional Health Agency on Wednesday August 3.

The figure is stable compared to the previous period. With the austral winter, “we see a significant decrease in mosquito populations and consequently in the spread of the virus”notes the ARS.

After a strong circulation of dengue fever over the past four years, a real slowdown is observed in 2022. In order to preserve this momentum and reduce the risks of an epidemic resumption at the end of winter, the ARS invites “carry out the necessary maintenance and work in courtyards and gardens: maintenance of gutters, removal of waste, bulky items, pruning…”

Since January 1, 1,168 people have contracted dengue fever, 58 people have been hospitalized for dengue fever and 172 emergency room visits have been recorded.

This year, the southern sector remains the sector concentrating the most cases of dengue fever. From July 11 to 24, the cases were located in eight municipalities in Reunion, particularly in the West:

  • South (6 cases): Saint-Louis, Etang-Salé, Saint-Pierre
  • West (11 cases): Saint-Paul, Saint-Leu, La Possession
  • North (1 case): Saint-Denis
  • East (1 case): Sainte-Rose

Furthermore, no grouping of cases was identified over the period.

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