Delcourt: Electric Widows T2, D-Day T47, The Impudence of Dogs, Marshal Bass T8

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– written by plinardthe 24/10/2022

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The electric widows – Volume 2: La Fontaine-aux-sources – note: 8/10

The electric widows try to flee the RAID launched after them. For what reasons ? Quite simply because they took hostage the director of the nuclear power plant in which their husbands died following a lack of maintenance. Meanwhile, in the village of Fontaine-aux-sources, the water will be cut to allow a private company to exploit the groundwater.

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The connection between the two events? None a priori, but the adventures will make everyone meet and highlight the common points of their setbacks: an industrialist and the lure of profit above all.

A second volume by Relom and Geffroy (script) and Degreff (drawings) which does not lack energy and surprises. After energy, it is water in question and which is the subject of the same capitalistic desires of our dear leaders and especially of their “sponsors”.

A last volume of much better quality than the first where the authors seem to free themselves and let go completely. To the point that the design becomes incidental while managing to energize the plot.

D-Day – Volume 47: The Blood Wedding (2/2) – note: 8/10

When a painter changes the course of war, it can only be Salvador Dali, in an uchronic world where the impossible is achievable, like those told to us in the best-selling series D-Day Delcourt editions.

The war in Spain is reviewed and corrected by Jean-Pierre Pécau and Fred Duval on drawings by the Brazilian Arlem Renato with a Salvador Dali who is not the essential character of History that he believes to be. It is rather the puppet.

© Delcourt 2022.

Thus, Salvador Dali is kidnapped by Franco’s men. And if he came to speak? Public opinion could be turned around and jeopardize the success of the Republicans. Among the victors, the Trotskyists and the Stalinists oppose each other and plot to recover the Spanish gold.

Authors change events, but history seems to repeat itself forever. It is always a question of gold and silver.

The impudence of dogs – rating: 7/10

Aurélien Ducoudray and Nicolas Dumontheuil are the authors of this one-shot which is reminiscent of the series of cape and fangs in terms of texts although much more naughty and without the animal side of the characters.

© Delcourt 2022.

The Comte de Dardille asks the help of his friend, Monsieur le Marquis, for a most embarrassing matter. His wife, the Countess Amélie de Figule, summons him to the test of the congress. More clearly, the lady wants to force her husband to prove that he can honor her in front of an audience of judges. And if such a test he could not succeed, he would be obliged to give him half of his fortune. And the challenge is daunting for Monsieur le Marquis who will quickly understand that the count is not a fan of trifles and gaudriole.

A comical and comical fable with dialogues in Alexandrian script by Aurélien Ducoudray which once again shows the great diversity of his talent. With very colorful texts and always subject to double meanings, we can’t help but look for the subtext.

Nicolas Dumontheuil’s drawings seem made for this type of story and help to give momentum to the dialogues. We still remember his work on The column (two volumes at Futuropolis). And if his characters always seem in astonishment (with their eyes wide open), there is this form of exaggeration which accentuates the humor of this story.

Marshal Bass – Volume 8: The miserable and lonely death of Mindy Maguire – note: 7/10

River Bass, the black marshal, will try to save the whore Mindy Maguire from being lynched by a horde of horny and drunken men who want to avenge the death of “Skunk” Bernhardt. A guilt that is not in doubt. But Mindy is not inclined to surrender easily.

© Delcourt 2022.

A new episode full of humor for this original western series which has not always accustomed us to this lightness. And if the originality of the beginning could be due to the skin color of its title character, it’s been a long time since it’s the tone used and the psychology of River Bass which presented this singularity so pleasant to read.

Colorful characters with this freedom-loving prostitute, Brother Defoe who has come to meet River, this totally crazy Lakota Indian or this ridiculous sheriff and his band of nickel-plated feet. We are far from the violence of some previous episodes. And the universe is enriched with a new individual – a wanderer – who revolves around the Bass family.

We will still have a few albums to read, for our pleasure.

The covers of the 4 albums – © Delcourt 2022.

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